We rethink performance


Wer wir sind

Quantessence is a software company specialized in researching and developing algorithmic trading solutions. We offer fully automated trading systems that are easy to apply and designed to generate an above-average performance. The heart of the company is our fascination for the technological and theoretical challenges that are offered when modeling financial time series.

Our believe is that true expertise goes hand in hand with the ability to rethink what has been achieved. In relation to the development of automated trading systems this means that a reliably working strategy has to constantly evolve along the financial markets. We also think that credibility means to act transparently especially when a trading system effects your portfolio. This is why we attach importance to the transparent presentation of our performance.


ATC 2011

Quantessence was founded 2012 by Tim Fass and Ole Fass and is based in Berlin – Germany. What first started out of curiosity now adds up to 7 years of experience in trading equities and the foreign exchange markets. In 2011 we won the second place of the Automated Trading Championship with a trading system that represents a very early version of what partly makes the algorithm we offer today.